Patterson Animal Hospital


Patterson Animal Hospital offers boarding services for both large and small animals. We understand there are times you will be away and need a qualified and trusting person to take care of your animal. We can meet those needs!

For our smaller canine friends we have a climate controlled kennel they are housed in where they stay at a comfortable temperature day and night. They do get playtime outside twice a day in covered runs that accommodate to our large breed dogs and our toy breeds as well. Unless instructed otherwise our boarding dogs will be fed a quality Science Diet dog food. We have trained staff who can administer any medications or treatments that your pet may need during their stay. 

Our feline friends have a completely separate facility because we understand cats sometimes have a hard time being away from home.  It is an indoor, climate controlled kitty room that is quiet and comfortable for your pets. The pens have have two rooms, one small space for the litter-box, the other for bedding and food. You have the option of adding additional rooms for your pet so they can have space to explore! Like our canine companions cats will be fed a quality Science Diet food unless owners have a special request or bring food from home. Any special needs kitty will be taken care of as well, this also includes any medications or treatments they may need while they are here with us.

We do have outdoor lots available for boarding for large animals. We do not have indoor facilities for them. We would be glad to discuss boarding details for them as well if the need arises.